Tuesday, March 20, 2007


When they built you, brother, they turned dust into gold
When they built you, brother, they broke the mold

They say you can't take it with you, but I think that they're wrong
'Cause all I know is I woke up this morning, and something big was gone
Gone into that dark ether where you're still young and hard and cold
Just like when they built you, brother, they broke the mold

Now your death is upon us and we'll return your ashes to the earth
And I know you'll take comfort in knowing you've been roundly blessed and cursed
But love is a power greater than death, just like the songs and stories told
And when she built you, brother, she broke the mold

That attitude's a power stronger than death, alive and burning her stone cold
When they built you, brother

Terry's Song
bruce springsteen


$uper13en said...

I like this a lot. Actually, i printed it out and showed my friend and my girlfriend's sister. The both have gone through suicidal moments in their life and this was rather motivational for them.

Anonymous said...

How can we be grateful enough for the legacy of Mr Mahfoud Akdim (Alifi Hafid). Thanks for all the beautiful memories he helped shaping in my life. The tracks he selected all those evenings marked my childhood, and therefor who I am today. Alifi Hafid played a great role in shaping generations and generations of Moroccans. I know his impact on my education, and I can never thank him for it enough. Rest in Peace Hafid, and may god help ease the pain of your family and friends. Beyond a DJ, a Journalist, you spent your life as an educator sharing your gift of choice of music and words with millions of people.

Bob Marley said: One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain. So hit me with music! Hit me with music ..." Hafid did hit many of us us with good tunes for nearly fourty years. Hafid's music and voice will stay with us as long as we live

R.I.P. a ya Asmoune Amazigh